When I Fall In Love – Nat King Cole (Easy Piano)

Sheet Music When I Fall In Love - Nat King Cole (Easy Piano)

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When I Fall in Love by Nat King Cole is a romantic love ballad composed by Edward Heyman with music by Victor Young and arranged by Phillip Keveren. The song is in a moderate tempo of around 80 beats per minute, in the key of F major with a secondary key of D minor. It is a romantic ballad that speaks of finding true love, and from the first measure, a feeling of hope and anticipation in the melody can be heard. It has a total of 40 measures and develops into a longing for a special kind of love that can bring joy and comfort to one's life. As the song progresses, elements of sorrow and longing are heard, reflecting the longing of someone searching for true love. Finally, the song concludes with a triumphant resolution and acceptance of the power of love that can transform a heart.