Was it a morning like this – Sandi Patty (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music Was it a morning like this - Sandi Patty (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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"Was It a Morning Like This" is an inspirational song composed by Jim Croegaert with words and music by Sandi Patty. It is set in a moderate tempo in the key of F major and D minor and includes 69 measures. The song reflects on the beauty of the morning and the spiritual awakening that it can bring. It is a gentle reminder to appreciate the many blessings that come with a new day and to use them to reach one's goals. The lyrics focus on the beauty of a new morning and how it can bring clarity, renewal, and joy to life every day. The music is uplifting, full of soaring melodies, and a captivating chorus that linger in your mind. The lyrics evoke a sense of hope and wonder as the morning moves through the day and reminds us of the possibilities that life holds.