Treasure – Geoff Zanelli (Piano Solo)

Sheet Music Treasure - Geoff Zanelli (Piano Solo)

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Treasure by Geoff Zanelli is an epic instrumental composition full of adventure and mystery. With a running time of nearly three minutes, this piece is littered with an exciting array of musical ideas. Set in F major and D minor, the piece begins with a full-bodied, intense orchestra that builds anticipation. Next, a driving conga beat gives way to a dreamy cinematic section of lush strings and harps that builds in intensity as the piece progresses. Soft chimes and a catchy flute line join the fray, leading to a series of uplifting, cinematic orchestral crescendos. Finally, the driving tone of the piece transitions into an energetic, triumphant finale. Filled with dynamic changes and compelling melodies, Treasure by Geoff Zanelli is an exciting journey of exploration sure to keep the listener engaged.