The Silver Swan – Orlando Gibbons (Piano Vocal)

Sheet Music The Silver Swan - Orlando Gibbons (Piano Vocal)

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The Silver Swan by Orlando Gibbons is a baroque aria originally composed in 1612. It is a beautiful and haunting piece, set in a slow 3/2 tempo and full of ethereal harmonies. The piece is set in two key areas: F major and D minor. It is 31 measures in length. This version has been realized by Richard Walters, and is sure to transport the listener to the mystical world described by the lyrics. The piece begins with a soft two-note figure that leads into a gentle, flowing melody. Throughout the piece, dreamy harmonies and subtle shifts in texture actively support the melodic line. The upper voices in particular provide a heavenly atmosphere, with intricate passagework and ornamentation. This piece is perfect for creating a reflective and peaceful mood.