The Loxian Gates – Enya (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music The Loxian Gates - Enya (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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The Loxian Gates by Enya is a beautiful and captivating composition which fuses elements of folk, classical, and Celtic music. It features a lush orchestral sound that is driven by Enya’s powerful, emotive vocals. The piece is composed in D major and B minor and has 54 measures, creating a dramatic and cinematic atmosphere. It is a mix of soothing, melancholic tones that are punctuated by passionate, intense passages. It conveys a sense of mystery and exploration that enhances the song’s powerful lyrical content. The song is a collaboration between Enya, her longtime collaborator Nicky Ryan and his wife, Roma Ryan. This stirring musical piece is sure to captivate any listener and truly demonstrates the creative genius of the artists involved.