The Armstrongs – Justin Hurwitz (Piano Solo)

Sheet Music The Armstrongs - Justin Hurwitz (Piano Solo)

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The Armstrongs by Justin Hurwitz is a powerful piece of music from the film First Man. It is composed in the key of B♭ major and G minor and is 45 measures long. It begins with a soaring, dramatic horn melody, joined by a playful and energetic piano accompaniment. The music quickly builds in intensity, adding prominent strings and drums. As the tension increases, two themes intertwine and alternate, creating an exciting and dynamic texture. The horn section then takes center stage, soaring above the rest of the instrumentation with a mesmerizing and heroic line. The strings continue to build until the piece reaches its grand and thrilling climax. Overall, The Armstrongs is an epic and stirring composition, perfect for building excitement and tension during exhilarating moments in the film.