That’ll Never Be Me (Solo) – Jeff Bowen, Richard Walters (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music That'll Never Be Me (Solo) - Jeff Bowen, Richard Walters (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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This piece is a solo piano work written by composers Jeff Bowen and Richard Walters in the key of F major and D minor. It is comprised of 72 measures and tells a story of yearning and regret. The melody flows between a strong, melancholic F major melody in the left hand and a more free-spirited D minor melody in the right hand. The piece begins with a simple, two-bar phrase which is repeated and builds in intensity with each successive repetition. Both hands explore a range of dynamic possibilities, from light and airy phrases to bold and passionate melodies. As the piece progresses, the music shifts tonality from F major to D minor and back, culminating in a powerful and emotional resolution. This reflective and captivating piece is sure to touch the hearts and minds of the listener.