Take Me To Church – Hozier (Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Piano Accompaniment))

Sheet Music Take Me To Church - Hozier (Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Piano Accompaniment))

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"Take Me to Church" is a powerful song by Andrew Hozier-Byrne, better known by his stage name "Hozier". This track, composed by Hozier himself and released in 2013, has a melancholy and soulful melody that has struck chords with listeners all around the world. The song is set in the key of G major and E minor with 55 measures. With heavy, bluesy guitar riffs, dark piano tones and the haunting, husky quality of Hozier's voice, the song creates an atmosphere of spiritual longing and a strong reminder of the power of faith. The chorus of the song is both beautiful and persuasive as Hozier pleads, "Take me to church, I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies. I'll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife."