Stepsisters’ Lament (from Cinderella) – Cinderella Musical, Rodgers & Hammerstein (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music Stepsisters' Lament (from Cinderella) - Cinderella Musical, Rodgers & Hammerstein (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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Stepsisters' Lament is a song from the musical Cinderella written by Oscar Hammerstein II with music by Richard Rodgers. The song is written in the key of C major and A minor and consists of 110 measures. It is a lament sung by the two stepsisters in the musical, expressing the frustration and sadness they feel after the prince has chosen Cinderella over them. The song is both comical and heart-wrenching, as the stepsisters express their grief in a humorous and melodramatic fashion, singing about their pain and regret. Musically, the song is often considered to be a masterpiece, featuring complex harmonies and interesting rhythms. It is a great example of the talent of both Rodgers and Hammerstein, who, as a team, created some of the most memorable musicals of all time.