Stay – The Kid LAROI (Easy Piano)

Sheet Music Stay - The Kid LAROI (Easy Piano)

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Stay by The Kid LAROI is a vibrant, upbeat pop song with elements of soul and R&B. The track opens with a strong, simple beat accompanied by some ambient textures that propel the song forward. Vocals by The Kid LAROI are smooth and plaintive, complemented by the catchy chorus. The song features an upbeat guitar riff and a synth line that carries the melody. Throughout the track, The Kid LAROI sings about the pain of being apart from someone and the desire to keep that person close. The track closes with a dreamy outro, leaving an ethereal feeling of longing. Composed by Justin Bieber, Blake Shatkin, Omer Fedi, Charlie Puth, Charlton Howard, Michael Mule, Issac DeBoni, and Subhaan Rahman, Stay is a powerful track that will leave you feeling both energized and pensive. The song is in the key of D major and B minor and is composed in 62 measures.