Sing for absolution – Muse (Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Piano Accompaniment))

Sheet Music Sing for absolution - Muse (Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Piano Accompaniment))

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"Sing for Absolution" is a song by English rock band Muse. It was written by band members Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howard and released on their 2004 album Absolution. The song is set in a 6/8 time signature and is composed in the keys of F major and D minor. It features primarily electric guitar and piano instrumentation, as well as a string ensemble and computer-generated sounds. The song begins with an ambitious piano intro, followed by a driving low-end rhythm and soaring guitar harmonies. Bellamy's vocal performance is dynamic, with a strong vibrato and emotive delivery. The chorus builds on the tension of the intro and bridge, featuring harmonic backing vocals and a powerful anthem hook. The song culminates in the fading strings, gradually bringing the song to its melancholic resolution.