See The Moon – Niels Norager, Niels Nørager (Piano Solo)

Sheet Music See The Moon - Niels Norager, Niels Nørager (Piano Solo)

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See The Moon is a melancholic and introspective classical piano piece composed by Niels Nørager. The song is written in two contrasting movements, beginning in a bright B♭ major and transitioning to a darker and more somber G minor. It is 108 measures long and evokes feelings of nostalgia, longing, and contemplation. The melody is lyrical and melodic with some melodic lines extending over a few bars. The harmony is simple but effective, bringing the melancholy mood to life. As the piece progresses, the melody and harmony both become more intricate and complex, creating tension and intensity. This culminates in an almost wistful resolution, where the melody and chords slowly shift into a happier ending. See The Moon is an emotional, beautiful piece of art that will linger in your heart long after you hear it.