Reunion Blues – Milt Jackson, Modern Jazz Quartet (Piano Solo)

Sheet Music Reunion Blues - Milt Jackson, Modern Jazz Quartet (Piano Solo)

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Reunion Blues is a jazz composition by Milt Jackson, a major figure in modern jazz as part of the Modern Jazz Quartet. Written in a medium-tempo and in the keys of F major and D minor, the song features a driving blues feel with a swinging melody. The piece is composed of 67 measures, and starts with a bright, lush introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the song. Throughout the piece, the melody is tight and carefully constructed, with a mixture of swing and bop. Jackson's use of workable chords, such as ii-Vs and transitions, are evident in the composition. As the song progresses, solos by different instruments come and go with the mood, from mellow and lyrical, to aggressive bebop. The ending of the piece comes with a blazing unison of the entire quartet and a long, drawn-out vamp. Reunion Blues is an exemplary piece of jazz composition by Milt Jackson that captures the spirit and energy of modern jazz.