Please Don’t Touch Me – Mel Brooks, Young Frankenstein Musical (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music Please Don't Touch Me - Mel Brooks, Young Frankenstein Musical (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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This song is from the musical "Young Frankenstein" written by Mel Brooks. It is sung by the protagonist, Frederick Frankenstein, about his fear of getting close to someone. The song is set in B♭ major and G minor and is composed in 98 measures. It begins with a slow and melancholic melody in the strings, with a slight hint of a march feel. There is a solo on the clarinet, and a distinct solo on the viola. The song is driven by a powerful snare drum beat and a plodding bass line. It builds gradually to the chorus with a call and response between the strings and the other instruments. The chorus has a more uplifting feel and underscores Frederick’s acknowledgement of his fear and his decision to try relating to his love interest in spite of his fear. The song is melancholic and hopeful in equal measures.