One, Two, Three – Len Barry (Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Piano Accompaniment))

Sheet Music One, Two, Three - Len Barry (Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Piano Accompaniment))

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"One, Two, Three" by Len Barry is an upbeat and catchy pop song with a classic Motown sound. It is composed by Words & Music by Brian Holland, John Madara, David White, Lamont Dozier, Len Borisoff, and Edward Holland. The piece is written in C major and A minor and features 58 measures. The song starts with a light and airy introduction before transitioning to a more energetic, driving rhythm. The chorus has a beautifully crafted melody that is sure to stick in the minds of listeners. "One, Two, Three" is a captivating track that is sure to draw the listener in and keep them grooving.