Need u bad – Jazmine Sullivan (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music Need u bad - Jazmine Sullivan (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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"Need U Bad" by Jazmine Sullivan is an upbeat R&B track written and composed by Jazmine Sullivan, Melissa Elliott, Cainon Lamb, Nicholas Stanton, Taurian Osbourne, and David Sinclair. The song is in the key of G major and E minor, and consists of 48 measures. The track has a soulful groove that captures the feeling of longing for a special someone and the desire to get closer to them. The chorus of this song is especially memorable due to its catchy hook and its heartfelt lyrics. Lyrically, the song is about a person that is longing for a certain someone to come back into their life and to bring them joy and happiness. With its powerful vocals and instrumentation, "Need U Bad" is an unforgettable song that is sure to stay stuck in your head.