Mass Effect – Suicide Mission (Easy Piano)

Sheet Music Mass Effect - Suicide Mission (Easy Piano)

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Mass Effect – Suicide Mission is a dramatic and explosively intense piece of music composed by SAM HULICK and JACK WALL for the sci-fi videogame series. This intense orchestral piece is in the key of F major and D minor and has a total of 96 measures. It begins with an aggressive and determined string phrase, and builds up to a tense and jarring climax with a powerful brass section and percussion. The track is a perfect accompaniment to the game's climactic mission, capturing the desperation and intensity of the struggle to save the galaxy from total destruction. The piece slowly builds from a soft and melancholic atmosphere and gradually increases in intensity and volume as the mission progresses. With its captivating and powerful orchestration and energetic percussion section, Mass Effect – Suicide Mission is sure to evoke thrilling and powerful emotions.