Mad world – Tears for Fears (Easy Piano)

Sheet Music Mad world - Tears for Fears (Easy Piano)

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Mad World by Tears for Fears is a classic, haunting ballad composed by Roland Orzabal. The song is arranged in a 4/4 time signature and is in the key of B♭ Major with a secondary key of G minor. The tune follows a traditional ballad form, with a verse, chorus, bridge and coda. The song is instrumentalized with an acoustic guitar and a piano to create a melancholic atmosphere. Lyrically, the song focuses on contemplating the state of the world and the feelings of frustration, sadness and helplessness that come with it. The chorus repeats the lyrics “Mad world, mad world” to emphasize the point. Mad World is a poignant song that remains relevant today and will continue to be remembered for years to come.