Love Again – Dua Lipa (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music Love Again - Dua Lipa (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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Love Again by Dua Lipa is a modern synth-pop ballad that captures the emotion of starting fresh in a relationship. It features powerful vocals by Dua Lipa, blending soft melodies with a catchy chorus that captures the romantic energy of new love. The song is composed by Words and Music by DUA LIPA, CLARENCE BERNARD COFFEE, CHELCEE GRIMES, STEPHEN KOZMENIUK, BING CROSBY, IRVING WALLMAN and MAX WARTELL and arranged in a composition of 89 measures with a key of A major and F♯ minor. The song contains elements of electronic music production and layered instrumentation, giving it an upbeat and energetic feel. The lyrics focus on the redemption and healing of love, having the courage to try again, and taking a chance to experience love once more.