Location – Khalid (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music Location - Khalid (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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Location by Khalid is a mellow, melodic pop song composed by Words and Music by Khalid Robinson, Joshua Scruggs, Samuel Jimenez, Chris McClenney, Olatunji Ige, Alfredo Gonzalez and Barjam Kurti. It is set in the key of E major and C♯ minor with a moderate tempo and is 62 measures long. It begins with a gentle, soulful piano intro, leading into a lush orchestral accompaniment with subtle percussion and horns. Khalid's vocals are smooth and heartfelt, capturing a sense of nostalgia with its somber lyrical themes. The track builds to a powerful chorus featuring soulful vocal harmonies, backed by a heart-thumping beat. Location by Khalid is perfect for when you need to talk your blues away.