La Ville Inconnue – Edith Piaf, Mack David (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music La Ville Inconnue - Edith Piaf, Mack David (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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La Ville Inconnue (The Unknown City) is a composition by the duo Edith Piaf and Mack David, with Michel Vaucaire writing the words and Charles Dumont contributing the music. The key of the song is in B♭ major and G minor, and is composed of 29 measures. It is a beautiful, melancholic piece that captures the loneliness of being in an unfamiliar city. The combination of Piaf's stunning vocals and the subtle instrumentation creates a poignant atmosphere and paints a vivid picture of the unknown city, capturing both its beauty and loneliness. The song is a timeless classic and has remained popular throughout the decades.