Just let me be in love – Tracy Byrd (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music Just let me be in love - Tracy Byrd (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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Just Let Me Be In Love is a romantic country ballad by Tracy Byrd, composed by Tom Shapiro, Tony Martin, and Mark Nesler. It is set in the key of E♭ major and C minor, featuring a total of 72 measures. The song showcases Byrd's smooth, emotive vocals as she yearns for true love and begs to be allowed to simply enjoy it without external pressures or judgement. With a strong country twang, Byrd artfully expresses her heartache and desire for closeness, passion, and companionship. At its core, this is a song of longing and hopeful optimism, as Byrd ultimately reaffirms her faith that she will find love and be allowed to just be happy in it.