Jealousy, jealousy – Olivia Rodrigo (Easy Piano)

Sheet Music Jealousy, jealousy - Olivia Rodrigo (Easy Piano)

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'Jealousy' by Olivia Rodrigo is a heartfelt, ethereal power-pop ballad about the complicated emotions surrounding unrequited love. The song is composed in the key of C major and A minor and features 52 measures. The piece is written by Olivia Rodrigo, Casey Cathleen Smith, and Daniel Nigro, and its lush production allows the soaring vocal melodies to take center stage. The powerful lyrics are accompanied by intricate instrumentation, including subtle acoustic guitar, warm piano chords, and airy synths. With heavy reverb and thoughtful lyrics, 'Jealousy' talks about the feeling of helplessness when watching an ex-lover move on while dealing with the fear of being forgotten.