It’s Too Late – Carole King (Piano Vocal)

Sheet Music It's Too Late - Carole King (Piano Vocal)

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It's Too Late is a classic song written and composed by Carole King and Toni Stern. It is an emotional ballad that speaks to themes of love and regret. The song is set in the key of C major and A minor, with a total of 83 measures. It starts with an arpeggio-style acoustic guitar riff, backed by a steady groove of drums, bass, and electric guitar. The lyrics of the song are a simple, yet poignant reminder of love gone wrong, and the regret that comes with it. The chorus is a plea for understanding and forgiveness, and the bridge brings the song to its dramatic climax. An anthem of heartache and lost love, It's Too Late has remained popular since its initial release in 1971.