In these shoes – Kirsty MacColl (Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Piano Accompaniment))

Sheet Music In these shoes - Kirsty MacColl (Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Piano Accompaniment))

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In These Shoes by Kirsty MacColl is a melodic and soulful pop song, composed by Pete Glenister, Kirsty MacColl, William Correa, and Melvin Lastio. The song has a running time of three minutes and sixteen seconds, and is set in a lively B♭ major and G minor key. It is driven by a captivating and catchy melody and smooth vocals. The lyrics detail the story of a person searching for freedom in life. The catchy chorus is accompanied by harmonious acoustic guitar picking as well as subtle yet effective synths and percussive beats. The whole track gives off a feeling of relaxation and serenity and serves as a reminder to always appreciate the journey in life.