If I Had A Fine White Horse – Marsha Norman (Piano Vocal)

Sheet Music If I Had A Fine White Horse - Marsha Norman (Piano Vocal)

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If I Had A Fine White Horse is a song from Marsha Norman's musical adaptation of The Secret Garden. Composed by Lucy Simon and with lyrics by Marsha Norman, the song is set in the key of C major and A minor and has a total of 49 measures. The song is a mid-tempo ballad that follows the story of the protagonist, Mary Lennox, dreaming of the fantastical adventures she could have if she only had a fine white horse. The lyrics evoke the feeling of childlike innocence and wonder while the delicate accompaniment by Lucy Simon captures the whimsy of Mary's daydreams. The song adds an air of magical mystery to The Secret Garden, connecting the audience to Mary's inner world and the romanticism of her fantasies. It is a heartfelt reminder that all of us have dreams, and that even the most impossible desires can take flight with a little imagination and courage.