Habits – Tove Lo (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music Habits - Tove Lo (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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Habits by Tove Lo is an up-tempo pop-rock jam, with an infectious chorus that captures a sense of fearlessness and independence. The song starts off with a driving guitar riff, soon followed by a piano line that creates an uplifting atmosphere. Tove Lo's clear yet powerful vocals soar above the instrumentation as she sings about taking risks and following her inner voice. The chorus boasts a catchy melody that quickly lodges itself in your memory. Subtle changes in the melody and instrumentation help to create a sense of dynamic development leading up to the powerful refrain. The song features a dynamic arrangement, with the chorus sections featuring distorted electric guitar and crisp, punchy drums. The bridge features a slowed-down breakdown featuring an airy synth lead and an emotive vocal performance. With its dynamic production and catchy melodic hooks, Habits by Tove Lo is sure to stay stuck in your head.