Forgiven – Relient K (Easy Piano)

Sheet Music Forgiven - Relient K (Easy Piano)

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"Forgiven" by Relient K is a heartfelt, upbeat rock song composed by Matthew Thiessen and featuring both F major and D minor. The song begins with a punchy electric guitar riff over a steady mid-tempo beat. A vocal melody comes in, leading into the first chorus. The chorus is an uplifting, carefree sing-along, with a lighthearted attitude and empowering lyrics. The verses follow a more emotive, stripped-down approach, with delicate piano chords and a simple vocal melody, before building up to the second chorus. The bridge pushes the song to its climax, with a classic rock and roll riff over a driving beat. The track finishes with a triumphant buildup as the chorus comes in one last time before fading out. This song is 111 measures long and captures the feeling of being forgiven and finding joy in the present moment.