Can U Believe – Robin Thicke (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music Can U Believe - Robin Thicke (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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Can U Believe is a song by Robin Thicke. It was composed by Words and Music by Robin Thicke, James Gass, Dwayne Carter and Robert Daniels. The song is written in the key of B major and G♯ minor, with a total of 80 measures. The track starts off with a catchy R&B inspired beat, before transitioning into a soulful melody that provides the perfect backdrop to Robin Thicke's smooth, soulful vocals. Throughout, Robin Thicke cleverly weaves together intricate lyrics to deliver a heartfelt message about a relationship that has gone wrong and needing to start anew. The song culminates in an uplifting and powerful chorus full of hope that serves as an affirmation of the need to move on and find something new.