Alibis – Tracy Lawrence (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

Sheet Music Alibis - Tracy Lawrence (Piano-Vocal-Guitar)

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Alibis by Tracy Lawrence is a mid-tempo country song highlighting the struggles of lies and deceit that can come with relationships. The track is a captivating blend of twangy guitar and poignant lyrics, punctuated by Lawrence’s powerful, emotive vocal delivery. The song is set in the key of E major and C♯ minor, with 51 measures of country-infused, downbeat music. The track has a catchy, accessible melody that contrasts with the gloomy lyrics and creates a hypnotic atmosphere throughout. The song is carried by its lyrical content, drawn out by Lawrence’s dynamic and passionate delivery, with the instrumentation forming a strong backdrop that adds to the nostalgic, melancholic mood. Alibis is an emotionally charged, thought-provoking offering that captures the complexities of life, relationships and love.